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mortal - to must
pisati - to write
karate - to say
videti - to see
piti - to drink
kupovati - to buy
moći - to can/be able to

biti - to be

Present Tense

There are three types of present tense conjugations a, i, e. The name comes from the ending of the final vowel in the 3sg. form

-m -mo
-š -te

a-conjugation (3pl -aju)

singular plural
čìtam I read čìtamo we read
čìtaš you read čìtate you read
čita s/he reads čitaju they read

e-conjugation (3pl -u)

singular plural
pišem I write pišemo we write
pišeš you write pišete you write
piše s/he writes pišu they write


singular plural
gòvorim I speak gòvorimo we speak
gòvoriš you speak gòvorite you speak
gòvori s/he speaks gòvore they speak

The particle se

The particle se if a part of the verb form, must always be the second position in a clause


(2sg) oprosti/ (2pl) oprostite - excuse me
(2sg) izvoli/ (2pl) izvolite - May I help you? Here you are. Please Enter. After you. etc.
na engleskom - in English
kako se kaže ... na hrvatskom? - how do you say X in Croatian?

Common words

i/a - and
kako - how
tko - who
što - what
ovaj/ovo/ova - this
taj/to/ta - that


tvoj/tvoje/tvoja - yours
vaš/vaše/vaša - yours (pol)
njihov/njihovo/njihova - thers
njegov/njegovo/njegova - his
njezin/njezino/njezin - hers
moj/moje/moja - mine
naš/naše/naša - ours


ime - name
knjiga - book
pitanje - question