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あまり ① not very much
かしこまりました ① certainly polite
かんじょう ① settlement of accounts おかんじょう、おながいしまつ/The bill, please
ぐらい ① about 一時間ぐらい/about 1 o'clock
さっき ① a little white ago
すぐ ① just すぐ近く/very close, right here ② soon ③ immediately
たくさん ① a lot of りんごをたくさん食べました。/I ate a lot of apples.
ちょっと ① a little bit
でも ① but
とても ① very
まで ① until 彼はいつまで家にますか?/When is he home until?
① also
よく ① often
一緒いっしょ ① together 明日一緒に映画を見ましょうか?/Do you want to watch a movie together tomorrow?
上がる ① to rise verb
さき ① ahead この先右です。/Ahead and to the right.
地下鉄ちかてつ ① subway
安い ① cheap
定食ていしょく ① set meal
すこ ① a little bit
少々しょうしょう ① a moment 少々お待ち下さい/Please wait a moment ② a little while
あたらしい ① new
時々ときどき ① sometimes
ほん ① a book ② a measure word for long thing objects ビール二本/Two bottles of beer measure word
本当 ① really?
はい ① a measure word for food/drink in a cup, glass, or bowl measure word
まい ① sheets ② appears to be equivalent to 张 measure word
注文ちゅうもん ① an order ご注文は?/What would you like to order?
簡単かんたん ① easy
綺麗きれい ① pretty
きる ① to listen verb
① to go verb
話す ① to speak verb
みる ① to read 彼わ家で本を読みます。/He reads books at home. verb
① to buy verb
へん ① around here この辺に本屋がありますか?/Is there a bookstore around here?
ちか ① nearby
とお ① far away 少し遠いです/It's a little far away
むずかしい ① difficult
面白おもしろ ① interesting
音楽おんがく ① music どこで音楽を聞きますか?/Where do you listen to music?
みる ① to drink 水を飲みます。/I drink water verb
① to drink verb
飲み物のみもの ① a drink お飲み物は?/What would you like to drink?
高い ① expensive