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If you can't tell by now, I like languages, and I like listing things. So here's a list of some more language things. Or in particular, dictionaries, grammars, and coursebooks, arranged by which ever language is not English, or the primary language if there are multiple non-English languages.

Languages Represented

A count of languages used throughout the books, even if non-primary. For example, a K'iche' to Spanish dictionary will be listed below under K'iche', as it the primary language of the text, but also be counted here under Spanish. If a book contains multiple languages (ex. a 7 way dictionary), it will be listed once under "multiple languages"

Abkhaz – 1
Alemmanic – 3
Arabic – 1
Avar – 1
Azeri – 3
Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian (BCS) – 2
Cebuano – 1
Chaghatay – 1
Chinuk Wawa – 1
Chuvash – 1
Classical Chinese – 1
Cornish – 1
Danish – 3
Dutch – 8
English – 112
Finnish – 2
French – 3
Georgian – 10
German – 6
Halkomelem – 1
Hebrew – 1
Hungarian – 4
Icelandic – 2
Ilongo – 1
Inuktitut – 1
Irish – 1
Japanese – 8
Kabardian – 1
Kalaallisut – 5
Karuk – 1
Kazakh – 6
Korean – 1
K'iche' – 4
Ladino – 1
Laz – 1
Lithuanian – 3
Lushootseed – 1
Maltese – 1
Manchu – 1
Mandarin – 3
Mingrelian – 1
Mongolian – 4
Multiple Languages – 8
Ojibwe – 2
Polish – 1
Romanian – 1
Russian – 12
Scots – 5
Scottish Gaelic – 4
Somali – 1
Spanish – 2
Squamish – 1
Svan – 1
Tagalog – 5
Tahitian – 1
Tlingit – 2
Tsakhur – 1
Turkish – 1
Tuvan – 1
Uyghur – 2
Visayan – 1
Welsh – 3
Xhosa – 1
Yakut – 4
Yiddish – 1
Yoruba – 1

Book Types Represented

Bilingual Texts – 6
Coursebook – 25
Dictionary – 47
Grammar – 34
Phrasebook – 11
Study – 7
Verb list – 3


There are two types of tags, those for the languages of the book and those for the type of book.

With the current exception of Indo-European, all languages are grouped under their primary language family. Once the language family gets too crowded (as it has with Indo-European books), they will be subdivided.



Mastering Arabic 1
Jane Wightwick and Mahmoud Gaafar, 2nd edition, Hippocrene Books, 2013. arabic→english coursebook


Hebrew Phrasebook and Dictionary
Justin Ben-Adam and Ilana Wistinetzki, 3rd edition, Lonely Planet, 2013. hebrew→english phrasebook


Maltese for Foreigners
Charles Daniel Saliba, self-published, 2016. maltese→english coursebook


Multiple Languages

Outline for a Comparative Grammar of Some Algonquian Languages
C. C. Uhlenbeck, trans. Joshua Jacob Snider, Mundart Press, 2013. grammar


Talking Gookom's Language
Patricia M. Nigewance, 5th printing, Mazinaate Press, 2013. ojibwe→english coursebook
A Concise Dictionary of Minnesota Ojibwe
John D. Nichols and Earl Nyholm, University of Minnesota Press, 1995. ojibwe→english dictionary



Tagalog Conjugations
Brad Lowe and Michael Mercer, self-published, 2012. tagalog→english grammar
Salud R. Enriquez, Amos Books, 2005. english→tagalog english→visayan english→ilongo english→cebuano dictionary
Tagalog-English Dictionary
Leo James English, 2nd edition, Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, 1987. tagalog→english dictionary
Essential Tagalog Grammar
Finoa De Vos, 2nd edition, self-published, 2011. tagalog→english grammar
Pilipino (Tagalog) Phrasebook
Violetta Lorenzana, 2nd edition, Lonely Planet, 1998. tagalog→english phrasebook


Study Guide and Dictionary of Tahitian Dialect
Ellis V. Christensen, Church of Jesus Christ of the Later Day Saints, 1958. tahitian→english dictionary coursebook



Mokomasis Lietuvių Kalbos Žodynas
Milda Norkaitienė and Rita Šepetytė and Zita Šimėnaitė, 2nd edition, balto lankos, 2010. lithuanian→lithuanian multiple languages dictionary
365 Lithuanian Verbs
Virginija Strumbrienė and Loreta Vilkienė and William Roebuck, Tyto Alba, 2008. lithuanian→english verb list
Lithuanian Dictionary & Phrasebook
Jurgita Baltrušaitytė, Hippocrene, 2004. lithuanian→english phrasebook dictionary



A Short Cornish Dictionary
Christine Truran, Cornish Publications, 1986. cornish→english dictionary


Foclóir Póca
ed. Niall O'Donaill, An Gúm, 2007. irish→english english→irish dictionary

Scottish Gaelic

Complete Gaelic
Boyd Robertson and Iain Taylor, McGraww Hill, 2010. scottish gaelic→english coursebook
The Gaelic-English Dictionary
Colin Mark, Routledge, 2004. scottish gaelic→english dictionary
Reading The Gaelic Landscape
John Murray, Whittles Publishing, 2014. scottish gaelic→english study
Gaelic Verbs
Colin Mark, Savage Publishers, 2006. scottish gaelic→english grammar


A Grammar of the Welsh Language
William Spurell, Spurell's, 1853. welsh→english grammar
Modern Welsh
Gareth King, Routledge, 1993. welsh→english grammar
English-Welsh Pronuncing Dictionary
Robert Ioan Prys, Dinbych T. Gee, 1857. english→welsh dictionary



Colloquial Somali
Martin Orwin, Routledge, 1995. english→somali coursebook



Qaagit: Grønlandsk som fremmesprog
Birgitte Hertling and Pia Rosing Heilmann, Ilinniusiorfik, 2002. kalaallisut→danish coursebook
A Phonological Study of the Eskimo Language
William Thalbitzer, reprint, AMS Press, 1904. kalaallisut→english study
Topic and Discourse Structure in West Greenlandic Agreement Constructions
Anna Berge, University of Nebraska Press, 2011. kalallisut→english study
Grønlandsk Grammatik
Stig Bjørnum, Forlaget Atuagkat, 2012. kalaallisut→danish grammar
Dictionary of the West Greenland Eskimo Language
Schultz-Lorentzen, Meddeleslser om Grønland 69, C. A. Reitzels Forlag, 1927. kalallisut→english dictionary


English-Eskimo Eskimo-English Dictionary
Arthur Thibert, Revised edition, Canadian Reserach Centre for Anthropology, 1970. inuktitut→english dictionary



Hoi: Your New Swiss German Survival Guide
Sergio J. Lievano and Nicole Egger, Bergli, 2014. alemmanic→english phrasebook
Langenscheidt Lilliput Schweizerdeutsch
Verena Stauffacher, Langenscheidt, 2017. alemmanic→german dictionary
Hans Bickel and Christoph Landolt, Duden, 2018. alemmanic→german dictionary


Engelsk-Dansk Dansk-Engelesk
Erik Hvid and Jane Rosenkilde Jacobsen and Dorthe Stage, Gyldendal, 2005. danish→english english→danish dictionary


Speak Dutch with Confidence
Marleen Owen, McGraw Hill, 2010. dutch→english coursebook
201 Dutch Verbs
Henry R. Stern, Barron's Educational Series, 1979. dutch→english verb list
Het Leids Woordenboek
Hans Heestermans, 2nd edition, Selexyz Kooyker, 2008. dutch→dutch dictionary
Beyond the Dictionary in Dutch
B. C. Donaldson, Coutinho, 1990. dutch→english grammar
Groot Geïllustreerd Basisonderwijswoordenboek
ed. Prisma Dictionary and Language Expenses, 2nd edition, Prisma, 2011. dutch→dutch dictionary
Wolters' Ster Woordenboek Nederlands Engels
H. de Boer and E. G. de Boer, 2nd edition, Wolters, 1992. dutch→english dictionary
Polytechnisch Handwoordenboek
Schuurmans Stekhoven, Kluwer, 1991. english→dutch dictionary
Grammatica Nederlands
Henriëtte Houët, 23rd edition, Prisma, 2018. dutch→dutch grammar


Deutsch als Fremdsprache
Dieter Götz, Langenscheidt, 2016. german→german dictionary


Íslensk-Ensk Orðabók
Sverrir Hólmarsson and Christopher Sanders and John Tucker, 2nd edition, Forlagið, 2009. icelandic→english dictionary
Stefán Einarsson, 2nd edition reprint, John Hopkins Press, 1949. icelandic→english coursebook


A Scots-Polish Lexicon
Kasia Michalska, Savage Publishers, 2014. polish→scots dictionary
Scots Dictionary
ed. Ian Brooks and Andrew Holmes and Mike Munro, 2nd edition, HarperCollins, 2014. scots→english dictionary
Scots Language Learner
L. Colin Wilson, Revised Edition, Luath, 2012. scots→english coursebook
Sheltand Words: A Dictionary of the Sheltand Dialect
A. & A. Christie-Johnston, Revised Edition, 2014. scots→english dictionary
Orkney and Shetland Weather Words: A Comparative Dictionary
John W. Scott, The Shetland Times, 2017. scots→english dictionary


Comprehensive English-Yiddish Dictionary
ed. Gitl Schaechter-Viswanath and Paul Glasser, Indiana University Press, 2016. english→yiddish dictionary



The Karok Language
William Bright, University of California Press, 1957. english→karuk grammar



用列学習国語辞典 ⧸ Example Language Learning Dictionary
金田一春彦 ⧸ Haruhiko Kindaichi, 学研 ⧸ GAKKEN, 1970. japanese→japanese dictionary
吸血鬼の英文法 ⧸ The Deluxe Intransitive Vampire
Karen Elizabeth Gordon, trans. Masaya Shimokusu, Sairyusha, 2018. english→japanese grammar
Read Real Japanese
ed. Michael Emmerich, Kodansha, 2013. japanse→english bilingual texts
A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar
Seiichi Makino and Michio Tsutsui, 21st printing, The Japan Times, 1994. japanse→english grammar
Essential Japanese Grammar
Everett F. Bleiler, Dover, 1963. japanse→english grammar
英会話ひと言活用辞典 ⧸ Say What's On Your Mind
田所メアリー ⧸ Mary Tadokoro, Asahi Shuppan-sha, 2000. japanse→english phrasebook
Japanese for Sinologists
Joshua A. Fogel and Fumiko Jōo, University of California Press, 2017. japanse→english coursebook



A Comprehensive Georgian-English Dictionary
ed. Donald Rayfield, Garnett Press, 2006. georgian→english dictionary
Grammaire de la Langue Géorgienne
Hans Vogt, Universitetsforlaget, 1971. georgian→french grammar
Essentials of Georgian Grammar
Shorena Kurtsikidze, 2nd edition, LINCOM, 2014. georgian→english grammar coursebook
ინგლისურ-ქართული თემეტური ლექსიკონი ⧸ English and Georgian Thematic Vocabulary
ზინაიდა გარსევანიძე ⧸ Zinaida Garsevanidze, განათლება ⧸ Ganatleba, 1973. english→georgian dictionary
Georgian Vocabulary for English Speakers – 9000 Words
Andrey Taranov, T&P Books, 2016. english→georigan dictionary
ჭანურ-მეგრულ-ქართული შედარებითი ლექსიკონი ⧸ Laz-Mingrelian-Georgian Comparitive Dictionary
არნოლდ ჩიქობავა ⧸ Arnold Chikobava, სსრკ მეცნიერებათა აკადემიის საქართველოს ფილიალი ⧸ Georgian subsidiary of the USSR Academy of Sciences, 1938. georgian→georgian mingrelian→georgian laz→georgian russian→georgian dictionary
Georgian Dictionary & Phrasebook
Nicholas Awde and Thea Khitarishvili, Revised edition, Hippocrene, 2011. georgian→english phrasebook dictionary
Georgian Newspaper Reader
Ketevan Gabounia and John D. Murphy, Dunwoody Press, 1995. georgian→english bilingual texts
Zur Conjugation des Georgischen Verbums
Friedrich Müller, Der K. K. Hof- und Staatsdruckerei, 1869. georgian→german grammar


Kevin Tuite, LINCOM, 1997. svan→english grammar



Magic Korean
Kwack Sangheun, Haneon, 2012. korean→english coursebook



Diccionario K'iche'
ed. Pedro Florentino Ajpacaja Tum, Proyecto Lingüistico Francisco Marroquin, 1996. k'iche'→spanish dictionary
Basic K'ichee' Grammar
James L. Mondloch, Revised edition, University Press of Colorado, 2017. k'iche'→english grammar coursebook
Quiche-English Dictionary
Munro S. Edmonson, Middle American Research Institute Tulane University, 1965. k'iche'→english dictionary
Ri Ukemmik ri Tz'ib'anik pa K'ichee' Ch'ab'al
María Juliana Sis Iboy, Cholsamaj, 1994. k'iche'→spanish grammar

Multiple Languages

The Mayan Languages
eds. Judith Aissen and Nora C. England and Roberto Zavala Maldonado, Routledge, 2017. multiple languages study



Mongolian-Japanese-English Dictionary of words which are not contained in other dictionaries, vol. 1
Akihide Kitamura, Mongolpress, 1993. mongolian→english mongolian→japanese dictionary
Mongolian-Japanese-English Dictionary of words which are not contained in other dictionaries, vol. 2
Akihide Kitamura, Mongolpress, 1996. mongolian→english mongolian→japanese dictionary
Mongolian Grammar
Dandii-Yadam Tserenpil and R. Kullman, 4th edition, self-published, 2008. mongolian→english grammar
Сайн Байна Уу? ⧸ How Are You?
Лэгдэнгийн Цэрэнчунт ⧸ Legdengiun Tserenchunt and Sharon Luethy, Ekimto Press, 2006. mongolian→english coursebook
Oxford Monsudar English-Mongolian Mongolian-English Pocket Dictionary
ed. Domi Tumurtogoo and Jantsan Bat-Ireedui, Monsudar, 2008. mongolian→english english→mongolian dictionary
Dictionary of Synonyms in Modern Mongolian explained in Mongolian, Japanese and English
Akihide Kitamura, Nakhia XXK, 2001. mongolian→english mongolian→japanese dictionary

Multiple Families

A Comparitive Dictionary of the Non-Aryan Languages of India and High Asia
W. W. Hunter, Trübner & co., 1868. dictionary
Nordic Europe Phrase Book & Dictionary
ed. Kate Drynan, Berlitz, 2015. phrasebook
Louisiana Place Names of Indian Origin
William A. Read, University of Alabama Press, 2008. dictionary
The Routledge Handbook of North American Languages
eds. Daniel Siddiqi and Michael Barrie and Carrie Gillon and Jason Haugen and Eric Mathieu, Routledge, 2020. study



Beginner Tlingit
Nora Marks Dauenhaur and Richard Dauenhaur, 4th edition 3rd printing, Sealaska Heritage Institute, 2008. tlingit→english coursebook
Haa Tuwunáagu Yís, for Healing Our Spirit
ed. Nora Marks Dauenhaur and Richard Dauenhaur, Sealaska Heritage Institute, 1990. tlingit→english study bilingual texts



New Xhosa Phrase Book and Vocabulary
H. Tsolwana, JL van Schaik, 1996. xhosa→english phrasebook


A Grammar of Yoruba
Ayọ Bamgboṣe, Cambridge University Press, 1966. yoruba→english grammar

Northeast Caucasian


Аварско-Русский Словарь ⧸ Avar-Russian Dictionary
Лев Иванович Жирков ⧸ Lev Ivanov Zhirkov, Москва Советская Энциклопедия ⧸ Moskow Soviet Encyclopedia, 1936. avar→russian dictionary


Wolfgang Schulze, LINCOM, 1997. tsakhur→english grammar

Northwest Caucasian


აფხუზურ-ქართული/ქართული-აფხუზურ ლექსიკონი
თეიმურაზ გვანცელაძე, გამომცემლობა ინტელექტი, 2012. abkhaz→georgian georgian→abkhaz dictionary

Northwest Circassian


Kabardino-Circassian-Russian-English-Turkish Picture Dictionary
H. H. Sukhunov I. H. Sukhunova, Nalchik Editorial Center, 1998. kabardian→english kabardian→russian kabardian→turkish dictionary


Chinuk Wawa

Chinuk Wawa: As our elders teach us to speak it
The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, 2012. chinuk wawa→english dictionary



Gombo Zhebes: The Dictionary of Creole Proverbs
Lafcadio Hearn, Reprint, Applewood Books, 1885. french→english dictionary


Diccionario Básico Ladino-Español
Pascual Pascual Recuero, 2nd Edition, Riopiedras Ediciones, 1977. ladino→spanish dictionary


Colloquial Rumanian
Grigore Nandris, 2nd Edition, Routledge, 1953. romanian→english coursebook



Musqueam Reference Grammar
Wayne Suttles, UBC Press, 2004. halkomelem→english grammar


Lushootseed Texts
ed. Crisca Bierwert, University of Nebraska Press, 1996. lushootseed→english bilingual texts


Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Sníchim-Xwelíten Sníchim Sḵexwts ⧸ Squamish-English Dictionary
Squamish National Dictionary Project, University of Washington Press, 2011. squamish→english dictionary


Classical Chinese

A Student's Dictionary of Classical and Medieval Chinese
ed. Paul W. Kroll, Brill, 2015. classical chinese→english dictionary


Chinese Grammar Wiki Book – Beginner
ed. John Pasden, AllSet Learning, 2017. mandarin→english grammar
Chinese Grammar Wiki Book – Intermediate
ed. John Pasden, AllSet Learning, 2018. mandarin→english grammar



Beginner's Serbian
Aida Vidan and Robert Niebuhr, Hippocrene, 2012. bcs→english coursebook
Gordana Ivetac and Ivan Ivetac, 2nd edition, Lonely Planet, 2010. bcs→english phrasebook

Multiple Languages

The Slavonic Languages
ed. Bernard Comrie and Greville G. Corbett, Routledge, 2002. multiple languages study


201 Russian Verbs
Patricia Anne Davis, Barron's Educational Series, 1970. russian→english verb list
大学俄语 ⧸ College Russian
Н. Г. Крылова ⧸ N. G. Krylova, 北京外国语大学 ⧸ Beijing Foreign Language University, 2010. russian→mandarin coursebook
Learning Russian Through Humor
Alexis Clement, Pitman, 1962. russian→english bilingual texts
Russian Through Reading
Frank Higgenbottam, The English Universities Press, 1967. russian→english coursebook
A Short Russian Reference Grammar
I. M. Pulkina, 3rd edition, Progress Publishers, 1970. russian→english grammar
Русско-английский Разговорник
?, ?, 1970?. english→russian phrasebook
Russian for Reading
Patricia M. Arant, Slavica, 1981. russian→english coursebook



Manchu: A Textbook for Reading Documents
Gertraude Roth Li, National Foreign Language Resource Center, , Revised edition, 2010. manchu→english coursebook



Elementary Azerbaijani
Kurtuluş Öztopçu, Türk Dilleri Araştırmaları Dizisi, 2nd edition, 2012. azeri→english coursebook
The Turkish Language of Soviet Azerbaijan
C. G. Simpson, The Central Asian Research Center, 1957 azeri→english grammar
İngiliscə-Azərbaycanca İzahlı Kompüter Terminləri Lüğəti
Rafiq Məmmədli, mammadli.az, 3rd edition, 2018. english→azeri dictionary


An Introduction to Chaghatay: A Graded Textbook for Reading Central Asian Sources
Eric Schluessel, Maize Books, 2018. chaghatay→english coursebook


Chuvash Manual
John R. Krueger, Indiana University Press, 1961. chuvash→english grammar


Англо-Русско-Казахский Разговорник ⧸ English-Russian-Kazakh Phrasebook
А. А. Есентемирова and Ж. К. Калиев ⧸ A. A. Yesentemirova and Zh. K. Kaliev, Главная Редакция Казахской Советской Энциклопедии ⧸ Main Editorial Office of the Kazakh Soviet Encyclopedia, 1991. kazakh→english kazakh→russian phrasebook
Казахский Яазык ⧸ Kazakh Language
Камшат Шахатова ⧸ Kamshat Shaxatova, Самоучитель ⧸ Samouchitel', 2017. kazakh→russian coursebook
Kazakh: A Comprehensive Grammar
Raihan Muhamedowa, Routledge, 2016. kazakh→english grammar
Kazakh-English English-Kazakh Dictionary
С. Д. Чабденова ⧸ C. D. Chabdenova, Аруна ⧸ Aruna, 2015. kazakh→english english→kazakh dictionary
A Learner's Dictionary of Kazakh Idioms
Akmaral Mukan, Georgetown University Press, 2012. kazakh→english dictionary
The Kazakh Phrasebook
Aijan Akhmetova, Off the Beaten Path, 2010. kazakh→english phrasebook


Tuvan Manual
John Krueger, Indiana University, 1977. tuvan→english coursebook


Spoken Uyghur
Reinhard F. Hahn and Ablahat Ibrahim, University of Washington Press, 1991. uyghur→english coursebook
大众维语 ⧸ Colloquial Uyghur
ed. 马德元、 塔西普拉提 乌买尔 ⧸ Ma Deyuan and Tashpolat Omer, 新疆大学出版社 ⧸ Xinjiang University Press, 1997. uyghur→chinese coursebook


Jakutisch Kurzgrammatik
Angelika Landmann, Harrassowitz Verlag, 2016. yakut→german grammar
Über die Sprache der Jakuten
Otto Böhtlingk, Indiana University Publications, 1964. yakut→german grammar dictionary bilingual texts
Parlons Sakha
Émilie Maj and Marine Leberre-Semenov, L'Harmattan, 2010. yakut→french grammar
Yakut Manual
John Krueger, Indiana University, 1962. yakut→english coursebook



Finnish: An Essential Grammar
Fred Karlsson, Routledge, 1999. finnish→english grammar
Muumilaakson Kuvasanakirja ⧸ Moomin's Picture Dictionary
ed. Joel Jakobsson, Schildts, 2009. english→finnish dictionary


Hungarian Practical Dictionary
Éva Szabó, Hipponcrene Books, 2012. hungarian→english english→hungarian dictionary
Magyar-Angol Kéziszótár
László Országh, 6th edition, Akadémiai Kiadó, 1973. hungarian→english dictionary
Hungarian Grammar
C. Arthur Ginever and Ilona Ginever, Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co., 1909. hungarian→english grammar
Hungarian: An Essential Grammar
Carol H. Rounds, 2nd edition, Routledge, 2009. hungarian→english grammar